Case Study

Versatile Solution for 5" Casing

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The RLT 399 PMM has the horsepower, versatility, and flexibility to get the job done in most casing sizes. For this specific project, an operator reached out looking for a solution to draw down a challenging well with a 5” 18# casing. This original unit was running on tandem 375 induction motors, while hitting I-limit constantly – and failing to draw the well down and meet production targets expected. Our 399 PMM not only has more HP than any other 3.75” induction motors on the market, but more enhanced performance and clearance in 5” 18# than standard 4.56” induction motors in 5.5” 20# casing (most common application in the Permian Basin). This generally results in less risk associated to fishing jobs with significantly lower operating costs. The Reynolds Lift team was able to quickly respond to customer needs, machining all accessories required to run slimline ESP system with our 399 motor in record time. The well was quickly back on production with tremendously successful results – increasing oil production by 4x and gas production by 8x – enabling the operator to draw the well down and exceed operator production expectations.


  • 5” 18# tight casing application
  • Previous ESP system not able to draw the well down
  • Minimum PIP 2000+psi running at max speed
  • ESP running on high upthrust conditions
  • Tandems 375 IMs running at high motor load


  • RLT’s engineering team reviewed application and proposed 399 RLT PMM with higher HP
  • 399 RLT PMM clearance was validated on 5” 18# casing
  • New HP capability allowed to upsize ESP in order to increase production


  • Unit successfully installed with no downtime
  • Unit running on steady conditions
  • Average drawdown ~57 psi/day with a maximum motor load ~63%
  • Pump intake pressure decrease from 2280 psi to 1140 psi in just 20 days
  • Oil production increased 4 times ~400+ bopd
  • Gas production increased 8 times ~1800+ mcf/d
  • Total liquid fluid rate increased from ~720 bpd on previous IM run to ~1850 bpd with 399 PMM, exceeding customer expectations




Production Data


  Oil (BPD) Gas (Mcf/d) Water (BPD) Liquid (BPD) WC GLR (scf/stb)
375’s IM Avg Prod 122 276 602 723 83% 407
RLT 399 PMM Last Test 506 2,095 1,345 1,851 73% 1,132

Production Results



What Our Customers Are Saying

“Reynolds has been a valuable partner for our gas lift to ESP conversions. Their technical expertise, close attention to field service, quick response times, and ongoing well optimization have turned our project into a company-wide success story.”

— Tony Long, Production Engineer, PDC Energy


“Reynolds’ 3.99” OD motor is a great solution to have in our toolkit – specifically when needing 400+ HP in 5-1/2” casing applications.”

— Levi Harris, Production Manager, Colgate Energy